Unipart mini

The challenge our clients face is balancing their parts inventories, assuring availability of critical spares, forecasting demand of long lead-time spare parts and counteracting obsolescence.

Gear Rail and Unipart Rail have partnered in Africa to provide their expertise in supply chain management and lean capability across all rail business activities, to provide assistance to our clients that will significantly improve both their rail supply chain and rolling stock maintenance operations.

In Africa, our clients are often operating aging infrastructure and face many challenges, for example:

  • low order volumes relative to other markets, resulting in poor support and long lead-times from suppliers,
  • small, diverse locomotive fleets that require large inventory of spare parts and
  • old fleets with poor support from OEM’s due to parts obsolescence.

As a rail spare parts supplier, Gear Rail has access to Unipart Rail’s inventory of over 70 000 unique spare parts, the availability of which can be tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

We offer diagnostic service of our customers’ supply chain operations, to fully understand the current operational performance and areas where improvements will benefit the business.