ARM mini


Consultancy on railway operations and rail management best practices is provided by Gear Rail in partnership with ALL Railway Management (ARM).

ARM offers global railway companies the methodology to operate and improve their respective railway businesses based on the best practices and management knowledge that has been developed in America Latina Logística (ALL, Brazil) since 1997. This railway domain experience and knowledge was built under a challenging rail operating environment not dissimilar to those faced by many African railways.

Added to this, they continue to grow their knowledge from experience gained in several worldwide projects and ARM is therefore capable of delivering a unique service that only a few companies globally can.

As such, Gear Rail with ARM specialise in consultancy on:

  • development of business plans, strategic plans and feasibility assessments,
  • assessment of all elements of railway operations including yards, permanent way, maintenance and workshop facilities, signalling and control centres, rolling stock and other rail infrastructure,
  • evaluation of locomotive fuel efficiency and implementation of fuel consumption reduction plans,
  • prioritisation of projects with immediate cost control and productivity increases with high ROI’s and
  • implementation of turnaround projects, continuous improvement processes and routines.