Solutions & Services

Turnkey project implementation

Gear Rail specialises in full turnkey railway infrastructure projects.
Typical project disciplines include:

Solution design and integration
We offer solution design and integration for
both existing systems and greenfield projects.

Professional engineering services
We engineer and offer expertise and
consultancy for the following specific areas.

Product supply
Gear Rail has an extensive range of products
to address our customers diverse rail needs.

Local assembly
Following product design and development,
our local teams are responsible for.

Installation, testing
& commissioning
To see through the project implementation.

Change management, training
and assisted operations
We ensure that we assist our customers.

Support & Maintenance
Gear Rail operates a centralized, multilanguage,
24/7 support centre.

Rail Management Consulting
Gear Rail promotes the adoption of rail
technology that is centered on developing.

Supply Chain Management
Gear Rail assists customers by providing a
diagnostic service of their supply chain.