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Gear Rail has partnered with Alta Rail Technology (ART) to offer a comprehensive portfolio of proven technology that enables a continuous improvement process for safety, asset productivity and cost reduction for rail operations.

As partners, we have a successful track record in supporting railways by improving their asset cycles, by providing the business intelligence necessary to detect operational gaps and improve their short and long term planning processes. We implement innovative technology that enhances management decisions while maximising the return on investment through reducing operational costs such as maintenance, fuel consumption, routing, real time system and human resources management, and most importantly increasing operational safety.

The current portfolio is divided in two comprehensive solution sets:

  • Alta Enhanced Train Control (AETC): a cost-effective solution which combines on-board technology and control centre software to provide railways with a complete traffic control solution for both signalled and dark territory environments and
  • Alta Performance Management Suite (APMS): a set of applications that support the continuous improvement of railway production processes based on managing asset and human resource productivity and operating cost.